A bad night and a bad loss in Portland!!!

Heyyyyyyyyy wooorrrrrrllllldddddd!!!


Well, we didn´t start our West Coast trip off very well at all last night in Portland. I´m still very frustrated and disappointed with how we played.


There are no excuses for what happened. We shouldn´t have lost that game. You can´t coach energy and you can´t coach hard work. It comes from the person and the player, but if we don´t want to play hard then we have to sit down and somebody else has to step up.


We just shouldn´t have lost. We came out playing great, but Portland threw everything that they had at us and we folded. We shouldn´t fold. Nothing should break us. It did and until everybody steps up and man´s up, then teams are going to throw their bench punch and we´ll fold.


We didn´t play with any toughness. Portland came out and threw a little pressure at us and we broke down time and time again. I expect us to play better than we did, so there´s no excuse for losing like we did.


I had an OK night when they guarded me one-on-one, but I could care less about that. Only winning matters to me. I´m all about winning and stats are just meaningless if our team doesn´t win the game.


We´re back on the court Friday night in Utah against the Jazz. That game should tell us a lot about the mental and physical makeup of our team. Are we going to fight and play tougher? Let´s hope so. I believe in our team and I believe we´ll play better in Utah against the Jazz. They got us at our place on the second night of a back-to-back, so it´s up to us now to beat them on the second night of a back-to-back.

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