A crazy time around here for the Magic!!!

Heyyyyyyy woooorrrrrrrrlllddd!!!


It´s been a little bit of a crazy time for us the Magic the last few days. As you all know by now I´m sure, we traded Rashard Lewis to Washington for Gilbert Arenas. Then, we traded Vince Carter, Marcin Gortat and Mickael Pietrus to Phoenix for Hedo Turkoglu, Jason Richardson and Earl Clark.


And we made all of the trades right in the middle of maybe the toughest stretch of our season. We only had eight guys for the Saturday game against Philly and then tried to incorporate all of the new dudes in the mix Monday night in Atlanta. And it won´t get any easier over the next few days with us playing Dallas, San Antonio and Boston on Christmas Day. It would be tough playing those teams at any time, but it will be really hard now that we´ve got so many guys trying to learn our system.


With the trades, the front office did what they thought was best for the team. We´re going to get better. It´s a long season. I told the guys to not get frustrated with us losing a few games. Sometimes you have to lose first to win later. It´s been a tough stretch for us, but the sun always comes up the next day.


It was very emotional back on Saturday waking up and seeing guys that you had called brother gone and not on your team anymore. We all understand that the NBA is a business, but it still hurts seeing guys leave.


With Rashard, we were close and I hate to see him leave the team. And Marcin was basically here from the time that I got here on this team. All of those guys, Vince and MP, losing them hurt us, but we understand that it´s nothing we could control. All I can control is playing hard every night and letting Rich DeVos and Otis Smith do their jobs.


Management had to do what they had to do, but for the guys who were already here and for the guys who are coming in, we´re just going to stress to each other that we have to play hard, play together and play for our city.


Gilbert is a great scorer and he´ll attack the basket. We all know what Hedo can do because he´s a great playmaker who can pass and shoot the ball and he was our Mr. Fourth Quarter a couple of years ago. Jason Richardson is tough, can shoot the three-ball and he´s a big body. And Earl Clark is another four-man who can space the floor for us. We´ve got guys coming in who play hard.


It´s December and you can lose a game now and it doesn´t mean anything when the playoffs come. We have to get better and we will. It´s a tough stretch for us, but we´ll find a way out of this. It will all start with hard work. I want to do my best, as the leader of the team to keep us loose because we don´t play well when we´re uptight. I´ll do whatever I can to keep us ready.


I like having both Gilbert and Jameer on the floor together. Gilbert can play the 1 and the 2 and we´ll have two guys to attack the basket. We can put Gil in there when we play the bigger point guards, and I think it´ll be great for our team. I think we have a great chance.


Once we get going, we´ll be fine. I´ve been telling everybody that this has just been a terrible month for us. We´re going to pull out of it and nobody is hanging their heads. We try not to focus much on the negative things. This is a fresh start for all of us and we´re looking forward to getting back rolling again.


Well, I´m out of here for now. Stick with us Magic fans cause we really need the support from you guys now more than ever. We´ll get this thing turned around real soon and get back to playing Magic basketball!!!


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