A huge comeback win against the Heat!!!

Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy woooooorrrrrrrrllllllddddd!!!


Well, I hope you guys didn’t give up on us last night and turn the TV to Sanford and Sons reruns or something. Because if you did you might be surprised now to know that we pulled off a humongous comeback against the Miami Heat last night!!!


I didn’t even know until after the game that we were down 24 points, but we were able to come all the way back and get a really big win against the Heat. We locked down on D-Wade and ‘Bron defensively in the second half, moved the ball and got good shots and did everything that we had to do to get a monster win.


Before the game, I called all of the guys up and I told them to remember our first game here and I told them that we couldn’t get embarrassed like that again. I thought they were going to do that to us again most of the night, but thank God that we were able to wake up and get this win.


I really had to be patient last night because they were determined not to let me get into a rhythm. Every time that I turned around in the post there was another guys waiting on me. I actually had five assists by recognizing the double teams and finding the open shooters for 3-pointers.


J-Rich got us going with his shots and Gilbert Arenas and Q-Richardson hit some big ones in the fourth quarter to give us the lead. Our perimeter guys got up into their wing players in the second half and made it tough for them and we were able to keep them away from the rim and off the foul line.


When we came into the locker room at halftime I actually told the guys that Miami was on fire in the first half and made all jumpers and they had to cool down. Our comeback all started on the defensive end of the court, and when we played with more energy and intensity it set the tone for our big rally.


Somebody told me after the game that it was our second biggest comeback in franchise history. It’s cool to be a part of history like that. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a game like that, all the way back to junior high school. Honestly, I didn’t even know we fell behind by that much points. I thought it was more like 17, but that just makes it even more impressive!!!


We had a great time celebrating on the court, in the locker room and on the plane ride home, but we know we have to get ourselves focused again cause we have the Bulls tonight in Orlando. We owe those guys after the way they beat us last time up there. So we can celebrate beating the Heat for a few hours, but then we have to shift our focus to the Bulls.


 If We play with the energy, intensity and focus for 48 minutes that we showed in the second half of the Miami game, then we won’t be playing catch up on Friday night at the Amway Center.


Well, I’m outta here. Peace out. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!



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