A tough loss for us in N’Awlins!!!

Heyyyyyy wooorrrrrlldddd!!!


Well, we had a really tough one last night in N´Awlins. We lost in OT to the Hornets when we didn´t make enough plays down the stretch. I had a chance at the free throw line late in OT but I missed. Hey, it happens!!!


It´s weird because even when we were down 7, 8 and 9 throughout the game, I never really thought we were going to lose the game. I knew if we stayed poised and kept working together that we could pull that game out. We did a good job of making a run at the end and getting it tied to force overtime.


Not sure if you guys saw it or not, but I did my best John Stockton on that last play in regulation. I took it and drove to the rim, making the defense collapse. When I knew that I´d never get a foul call and a chance at a three-point play, I kicked the ball out to JJ Redick. He got it to Turk for a three that tied up the score. Maybe I should get the hockey assist – you know, the pass that leads to the pass that gets us the basket. Hey, I´ll take it any way I can get it


I was proud of my drive-and-kick play. I make those kind of plays all of the time in practice, but that´s the first time in a long time that I´ve done that in a game. I used to make plays like that all of the time in high school when I was the point guard-slash-center on our team. I was like the Atlanta version of Magic Johnson.


Well, we have another game tonight in OKC versus the Durantula. That kid has gotten really good and it will be tough playing them on the second night of a back to back. We just need to play with more consistency. We have to stop trying to win it in the fourth quarter and we need to play with more energy and intensity throughout the game.


Wish us luck. This is a really tough trip. We got OKC, then sub-zero temps in Minnesota and finally some snow in Boston!!! No chance of me staying warm on this trip, so hopefully I can at least get some wins to make me feel good.


Well, I´m out!!! Yuuuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhh!!!


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