A wild, crazy game in N-Y-C!!!

Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy wwoooorrrrrrrrlllllldddddddddddd!!!


Well, we just left N-Y-C after an absolutely crazy overtime game and headed to the A-T-L for another game on Wednesday night. It will be good to see some fam the next couple of days because it’s been a long season.

I got to see my mom and dad in New York because they came to the game last night. My dad is even sporting some peach fuzz on his face and not shaving because of our team pledge to not shave our faces until we win the championship!!!


We only had eight guys last night because of so many injuries, but we kept on fighting and scrapping all night and we were even able to get the game into overtime when J-Rich hit a big three for us.


It was a wild, wild game from start to finish with the fouls, the Knicks playing all desperate and the injuries that we had on our team. We had no Meer, Q or JJ and we lost Duhon to another injury. We’re a resilient bunch and we’ve won before this season with just eight players, so we weren’t going to use that as an excuse last night.


I heard that Carmelo called Monday a must-win game for the Knicks, and that’s kind of funny to hear considering that it’s not even April yet and the playoffs are still a couple of weeks away. But I guess they had lost like six in a row and the New York folks were on them pretty hard.


New York had a lot more energy, more than they had last week when we were up here and got a good victory. This time they hit some big shots, moved the ball and played like the Knicks team that we saw earlier in the season at the Amway Center. Trust me, the Knicks are going to be a tough  in the playoffs because they have a lot of firepower on that team.


Even with the injuries and crazy things going on, we so could have won that game. But I fouled out in overtime and I can’t say much about that play. I did get another T there. It’s an intense game out there and I’m get emotional sometimes but we’ll just move on.


Well, we’re off to Atlanta. We’re probably going to see the Hawks in the first round of the playoffs, so it’s never too early to send those guys a message. We’re probably not going to move up out of the No. 4 spot, so it’s just about getting ourselves right and being consistent before the playoffs start.


Well, I’m outta here. Peace out. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!


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