Another tough loss in OKC!!!

Heyyyyyy worrrrrrrrrlllllllddddddd!!!


Well, that was another tough one for us!!! One night we lost a tough one in New Orleans when we play good defense, but struggle on offense. Then, we get beat by Oklahoma City on Thursday night when we don´t play defense much at all, but hit shots. That´s how crazy the NBA is – you just never know what´s going to happen every night in games.


I mean, we gave up 125 points and that´s too many to give up to any team on any night. But they did make some crazy shots. Jeff Green hits a 25-foot shot that he just throws up at the end of the clock. And even when KD hit the big shot to give them the game, we had Turk on his hip and I was trying to get there for the block. But KD is great and sometimes you just can´t do anything when they hit shots like that.


Truthfully, I didn´t think for one second about losing the night before in New Orleans. I was focusing on trying to get this win and not trying to bounce back. If playing in this league seven years has taught me anything it´s that you have to move on after games to the next one. The schedule in the NBA can be a monster and there´s always another game coming, so you have to get over the previous night and get your mind right.


I was determined to keep fighting on Thursday and not let our team quit even though they were making those crazy shots. I got into some early foul trouble – always do on national TV, for some reason – but I just tried to keep fighting inside and get as many boards and low position as I could. And when I got fouled, I went to the line, cleared my head out, took my time and knocked those free throws down.


The way I look at it is like this: OKC needed a triple-dub from Russell Westbrook, a huge game from KD and some crazy shots at the end of the clock and they still only beat us by one point. We´re ticked about losing, but I guess that´s the positive to take out of this night.


One of our biggest problems right now is we´re starting games so slow. We never even had a lead in this game, not even 2-0 or 4-2 because we´re so cold at the beginning of the game. It´s been like this for like two weeks, so we´ve got to do something in the locker room to get ourselves going better. Maybe we need some energy drinks or something to get us jacked up for the first quarter.


Well, we at least have Friday off to lick our wounds, but we´ll be in bitter cold Minnesota. Maybe I´ll try to go and find Prince while I´m up there. But I´ll be ready for the White Charles Barkley (Kevin Love) on Saturday night. We´ll get this thing turned around soon.


I´m outta here!!! Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!


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