Big win vs. Spurs, big game vs. Celtics on Christmas Day!!!

Heyyyyyy wooooorrrrrrrlllldddd!!!


We got us a really good win Thursday night against the Spurs, who were the hottest team in the league. We played with great energy, pushed the ball all night and kind of gave everyone a glimpse of how good we can be when we´re firing on all cylinders.


This was a good win for us. We can talk all we want about making progress and taking strides, but we still want to win games. Everybody knows how bad I hate losing. I don´t ever want to lose a game.


But I keep telling myself to be patient. After all of the trades, we know that it´s going to take some time to fully gel. But we´re not playing for December or January here; we´re playing for June. We want to be at our peak by the playoffs. If we do that, I think we´ll be really tough to deal with.


We know we have a lot of talent around here and weapons all over the floor, but what helps the most in this league is working hard. That´s why I´ve kept preaching to our guys that we have to be committed to outwork other teams. We understand that we can´t just show up and win. We have to put in the work, play together and share the ball.


Of course, it doesn´t get any easier for us now with the Celtics coming up next. It will be the first time that we´ve seen those guys since last spring in the Eastern Conference Finals. Boston has been playing great all season and they´re probably the best team in the NBA as of today. They´re hot, but we understand that we have to play them the way we played against the Spurs; we have to attack.


As for playing on Christmas Day, I know that some people in the NBA have had some negative things to say about it, but I consider it an honor. It feels good to play on Christmas because that´s a big-time game. I´m just happy to be a part of it. Families all around the world will be opening their gifts and watching us play, so I think that´s great.


Well, I hope you guys get all of the gifts that you are hoping to get on Christmas Day. Then, we need you guys to come on down to the Amway Center and get loud because it´s going to be a great game against the Celtics. I can hardly wait to get out there and play!!! I´m like a kid at Christmas and all I want for a present this year is a win versus the Celtics!!!



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