Dwight’s popularity continues to soar around the globe

Orlando Magic superstar center Dwight Howard’s popularity around the globe remains as strong as ever as evidenced by jersey sales in different parts of the world.


The NBA released its first-ever overall international top selling jerseys list this week and the numbers showed Dwight’s popularity to be as high as ever around the world. Dwight’s jersey was the fifth-best seller internationally, fourth-best in China and the fifth-best in all of Europe.


The top 15 list internationally was based on sales at adidas locations outside the United States during the 2011-12 NBA season.


Of the players in the rankings internationally, Dwight ranked ahead of stars such as Dwyane Wade (sixth), Carmelo Anthony (eighth), Blake Griffin (ninth) and Kevin Durant (10th) and international stars Pau Gasol (11th), Dirk Nowitzki (12th), Tony Parker (14th) and Ricky Rubio (15th).


Dwight’s massive popularity in China was evident as he ranked fourth overall in jersey sales. He trails only Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose and LeBron James in China.


Dwight once again led the NBA in rebounding (13.0) and field goal percentage (57.3 percent) while helping the Magic reach the NBA playoffs for a sixth straight year, the longest such streak in the Eastern Conference. Dwight also averaged 20.6 points and 2.15 blocks a game.


The All-NBA performer underwent back surgery for a herniated disc on April 20 and is expected to make a full recovery by next season.


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