Ending our losing streak in L.A.!!!

Heyyyyyyyy wooooorrrrrlllllddddd!!!


Now, when I say I love LA, it´s for a different reason. I love LA because we were able to get a big win in LA and stop our four-game losing streak. We just needed a win of any kind to get some good vibes going again and feel good about ourselves.


We were facing the Clippers at Staples Center and I love playing there!!! We came and jumped on those guys by 26 points in the first quarter. We struggled a little bit after that in the second and third quarters, but we never let the lead slip below seven points.


Every team in the NBA is going to make a run, and they made theirs, but we withstood it and fired back some blows of our own. I was proud of how we hung tough and stayed positive when we could have folded. After it was over, it was good to see all of our guys smiling again. We had a lot of fun in the locker room like we had just won a playoff game.


As the captain of this team, I´ve been looking for ways to get our team out of this little slump. We had a meeting the other night after the Portland lost, but I´ve found that it´s better to do less talking and lead with actions in times like these. I actually talked to a really good player on another team who I consider a mentor and he gave me that advice.


It´s a long season and people sometimes get too much into what they should say to fire up the team. We´re going to have months where we don´t play well. So there´s no need with everybody yelling and going back and forth. We just have to play. The more you talk about what you have to do, the more frustration just builds up. Instead of just talking about it, we just have to do it.


We got our win against the Clippers and now we´ve just got to play and not show frustration. We´re going to have bad games, but I´m not sure people understand that going 82-0 in a season is not that easy to do.


You are going to have losing streaks and winnings streaks and that´s just a part of playing in the NBA. From my standpoint, it´s just about playing basketball and letting things happen. I know this month hasn´t been the best month of our season so far, but it´s only been two months. Things happen, but we just have to weather the storm, get out of the month with a pretty good record. January is going to be a great month for us.


I got a lot of questions after the game about Blake Griffin and what advice I´d give to him. We were both No. 1 picks in the draft – me back in 2004 and him two years ago. I think he´s got a great game and the Clippers are going to be a really good team in a few years when he really gets things down. Plus, he brings a lot of excitement to the fans at the Staples Center.


I´d just tell Blake to have confidence in what he does and don´t listen to anybody criticizing his game. I like that his coach has a lot of confidence in his game and puts the ball in his hands and lets him play. He´s going to make the Clippers a force in LA real soon.


Well, one more game in Denver on Wednesday and then we´re finally back home. It seems like we´ve been on the road for a month!!! We want to finish out this trip on a strong note with another big W.


Ya´ll be good and I´ll see everybody back in Orlando on Wednesday!!! Yuuuuuuaaaaahhhhh

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