Handing Cleveland its 20th loss; my Super Bowl pick

Heyyyyyyyy wooooorrrrrrrllllllldddddd!!!


Well, that was a really fun two days that we had at home and now we´re back out on the road again. It seems like we just got home from Indiana and Chicago and now we´re headed back out on the road again. We´re off to Memphis now after beating Cleveland on Sunday night.


That was Cleveland´s 20th consecutive lost, and I can´t imagine every being on a team losing all of those games like that. We definitely went into that game not wanting to be the team that lost to Cleveland and let them end their long losing streak.


If we ever had a losing streak like that, I think our whole team would be on suicide watch. I know it´s pretty tough, but I wouldn´t ever want to be in a situation like that. Our coach, Stan Van Gundy, would probably be in the hospital right now if we lost 20 in a row.


We´ve kind of been inconsistent as of late and we need to kick it into gear before the All-Star Game and get on a roll. Some people are worried that we´re fourth in the East right now, but I think it´s just a matter of how we´re playing come playoff time.


Boston was the fourth seed last year and they made it all the way to the NBA Finals and pushed the Lakers to a seventh game. It doesn´t matter if you are the No. 1 team or the last team to get in, as long as you get hot at the right time and have the momentum going, anything is possible.


Look at the Packers, they were a low seed and now they are in the Super Bowl. For us, we just have to stick with it and not get frustrated. We want to be playing our best brand of basketball come playoff time.


Thinking about the Packers, I´m so ready for the Super Bowl to come next week. A lot of people don´t know that I used to play football (defensive end) when I was younger. Just imagine if I was in the NFL right now. I think I´d be pretty good at rushing the passer and batting down passes from quarterbacks.


Of course, I´m going to miss most of the Super Bowl again this year because we play in Boston again on Super Bowl Sunday. It´s going to be a good game because the Packers are hot right now, but they are going against a solid, veteran team. So I´m going to go with the Steelers. But the only win I´m looking for on Super Bowl Sunday will be us beating the Celtics.


I´m outta here. Yuuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhh.


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