Hit first before I’m hit!!!

Heyyyyyyyyy woooorrrrrrrlllldddddd!!!


Well, we pushed our winning streak to seven games last night by beating Milwaukee. It was kind of a crazy game because we jumped on Milwaukee hard early in the game because we knew they were on a back-to-back from playing in Miami the night before.


At the end, we kind of let our guards down and relaxed a little bit. They came back on us some, but we were able to hang on for the win. We haven´t lost since the second game after the trade, putting together a nice little stretch of wins of late.


I wanted to come out and have a big game last night against Milwaukee because they beat us earlier in the season. I was out that game with that stomach flu, and I sort of had to watch the game from the bathroom that night if you know what I mean. It wasn´t pretty at all, ya´ll.


It was even harder to watch Andrew Bogut hoop up on Marcin Gortat and Brandon Bass, AKA Charles Darkley, and Malik Allen last time. Bogut has a really nice game and I think he scored like 31 points on us.


So I was determined to be really aggressive in the game last night and make sure I was in attack mode. I like to take the mentality to hit first before the guy hits me. That sets the tone for the entire game.


I was able to get pretty good position down low and get up some good shots. And I not only got to the free throw line a lot, but when I was there I knocked them down.


Some people tell me that I´m an intimidating player on the court, but it´s just hard for me to see that because I´m out there playing. I guess there was a poll in Sports Illustrated this week about which player they least want to see between them and the hoop. I was second and Shaq was first. I guess they were afraid Shaq might fall on them. But the rookie players had me first.


It seems like this year players are not attacking the rim as much when I´m in the game. They are shooting more jump shots or waiting until I go out of the game to drive the lane. My blocked shot numbers are down a little, but it just seems like my chances are down too because our guys are staying in front of their men better and the other team isn´t driving as much.


That´s fine with me. As much as I like winning rebounding and block titles and the Defensive Player of the Year award, I´m really all about winning a championship. I told you guys that I was going to keep my New Year´s Day resolution a secret, but really what it is is to bring a championship to Orlando. That´s the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about before I go to bed at night. I want to win a title so bad, and I think we have the team here to do that. I just know it would be the best moment of my NBA career.


Well, I´m going to go and enjoy our day off today. We have a back-to-back up next – against Houston tomorrow in Orlando and then in Dallas on Saturday. So I better get my rest for those two games because we really need to keep this winning streak alive. I´ve never been a part of a winning streak this long, and I don´t want it to end!!!


I´m out!!! Yuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!


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