Hitting a game-winner in Washington!!!

Heyyyyyyyy worrrrrrrrlllldddddd!!!


Hope you guys had a good weekend and a good Thanksgiving holiday. Hope ya’ll got a chance to check us out over the weekend because we were able to snag a couple of really good wins. We beat Cleveland at home on Friday and then won in Washington on Saturday night.


Yours truly got the put-back Saturday night in Washington to put us ahead. Remarkably, it’s only my second game-winning shot in seven years in the NBA. The last one was quite memorable against the San Antonio Spurs and Tim Duncan on that lob pass for a dunk at the buzzer. That one was a dunk and this one was a layup, so I must be getting old now that I’m getting close to being 25 years old.


Against Washington, we didn’t play that great because we were on a back to back. It took us a while to get our game going. But it was just a matter of sticking with it and making a play at the end. They made a big run at the end, but we didn’t let it affect us.


On the last play, I just told Mighty Mouse, Jameer Nelson, to try and get to the rim and even if he couldn’t get a shot to just throw it up. With us getting the switch on the pick-and-roll, I had Kirk Hinrich on me so I was pretty confident that I could get the rebound.


Jameer couldn’t get all the way to the rim, but he threw it up close enough for me to get it; it was perfect. I wanted to come back down to the floor, but I didn’t know if we had enough time and I knew they were going to just foul me. So I just tried to get the ball up off the glass and finish as best as I could.


It was a great feeling to gut out another tough win. We are going to need all of the tough wins that we can get like this because they add up at the end of the year. Maybe at the end when we’re fighting for playoff seeding we can look back at that win on Saturday night and smile.


We won those games last week, but I still feel like we have to do a better job on defense. We’re back to practice today and we’ve got to go over some things. We’re not closing out games as well as we’d like, so we have to get into the gym and clean some things up.


But it’s all good. We’re going to keep working. As long as we keep getting better, we’ll end up where we want and need to be. We have a home game Tuesday night against Detroit, and all the Magic fans know that those guys always seem to give us fits. Then, we hit the road for a cold weather trip to Chicago, Detroit (again!) and Milwaukee.


Well, I’m going to get out of here. Hope to see you guys down at Amway Center on Tuesday night. We need your noise. I want you to know that we always appreciate the support.



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