2013 Houston Rockets Media Day

It’s a beautiful, sunny day in downtown Houston and the Toyota Center is buzzing as they prepare for Media Day for the 2013/2014 Houston Rockets season. The excitement of #ANewAge – this is a big year for the Rockets, a young and talented team with a new 7-time all-star veteran added to their roster. The Toyota Center, the Rocket players, staff, coaches, and members of the sports media are preparing for the day like military tacticians on a mission. That mission was to hear from the players and find out why the 2013/2014 Houston Rockets could be a contender for this year’s NBA title. With a smile bright enough to light up any room,  was Rockets newcomer Dwight Howard. As usual, Dwight was in great spirits and was evoking laughter from everyone with his comedic and welcoming persona. This is a long day for the players as they are involved in so many interviews, team endorsements and content creation for the season. Despite these demands, Dwight approached the day in his usual upbeat manner, making the experience enjoyable for all he encountered. He began by doing interviews with individual media outlets answering questions about his health, teammates, and predictions for this coming season. This was followed by fun and interactive green screen shots for the Rockets media needs. Many of the crews filming were impressed by Dwight’s natural acting and improvisational ability – so much so that he became known as “One Take Jake” due to his ability to nail the lines in just one take. The vibe of the day was so positive. The smiles from Dwight, his teammates, and all who encountered him made it clear that something special had begun. He wrapped up with a few more media interviews and an awesome on-stage production for the the Rockets jumbo video screen. It was obvious that this was a new, cohesive team, led by an NBA Hall-of-Famer, that looks forward to a new era in the Houston Rockets franchise. “It’s good to be here!” Dwight shared in multiple interviews and that, for me, was the theme of Media Day….. It is a new era and it is good to be here.



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