I like our flow right now!!!

Heyyyyyy wooooooorrrrrrrrllllllddddd!!!


We got a couple of really good wins Friday and Saturday against Toronto and Houston and we´re playing pretty well right now. We´ve won three in a row since that tough Boston loss last Monday, so I´m really proud of how we´ve bounced back.


I like how we´re playing inside-out basketball and making the defense commit and decide how they want to cover us. If they leave me in single coverage, I´m going to attack and do my thing. And if they double-team, I´ll just kick it out to all of the shooters that I have around me. That´s a big reason why guys like Ryan Anderson and Jason Richardson are playing so well and hitting so many 3-pointers right now. We´re making defenses pay and we are just taking whatever they give us.


Our team has really come together well after all of the trades that were made in December. I guess it´s been about a month now, and after a rough start with a couple of losses, we have played together really well. We had that nine-game winning streak and we´ve gotten some really good wins along the way. Winning the way we did in Houston on Saturday night showed that we have a lot of weapons, but we still need to come with a lot of energy and effort on defense at every game.


Hakeem Olajuwon was at Saturday night´s game in Houston and it was really good to see him for the first time since this summer. He helped me a lot in those three days that we worked together last June in Houston. But I´ll say it again: He just gave me some drills that he used to do and some techniques, but it was up to me to stay in the gym and do the work. Three days or work isn´t ever going to change somebody´s game dramatically.


The steps that I have made offensively this season have come from staying in the gym and continuing to work on my game. I´m not afraid to put in the time and the work and sweat my butt off in the gym and the weight room and all of that hard work is starting to pay off for me. I have confidence that every shot that I take is going to go in and there´s no worry about missing shots now.


What do you guys think about the Super Bowl matchup that we have with the Packers and the Steelers coming up in two weeks? We play in Boston again on Super Bowl Sunday, but I´m hoping that we can get back home by the second half so I can see that game because I think it´s going to be a really good one. Right now, I´m thinking the Steelers will win a close game because of Big Ben, but I´ll have my final pick before the game next week.


We play the Detroit Pistons tonight at home and then we´re on the road for a couple of games in Indy and Chicago. And we still have a couple of more roadtrips to Memphis, Washington and back to Boston coming up. It seems like we´ve been on the road the whole month of January, and it´s good to see that we will get a lot of time at home in February.


Well, I´m outta here. Let´s get it rolling and keep piling up wins before the all-star break. We need all of the Ws that we can get so we can snag a good playoff spot. Remember, every game counts!!! Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


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