I’m 25 years old and in Portland!!!

Well, your boy is 25 years old now!!! In case you guys out there forgot to go shopping and get me a bunch of presents, yesterday was my birthday and I hit the big 2-5!!!


I celebrated by getting on an airplane and flying six hours from Orlando to Portland. Then, we practiced for 2 ½ hours before I went back to the hotel and crashed. Doesn’t that sound like a fun? Well, at least we didn’t have a game on my birthday like we have had the last couple of years. I think we were in LA each of the last two years for my birthday, so on the bright side, I had the night off last night.


Before we left Orlando, I shot a new commercial for Gatorade on Tuesday. Unfortunately, they won’t let me tell anyone about it yet. It will drop before the playoffs; make sure you check it out.


To tell you guys the truth, I can’t believe that I’m 25 years old and I have been in the NBA for seven years now!!! A bunch of us on the plane were sitting around talking about how fast our careers go by. I’m 25 now, but it seems like just yesterday that I was 18 and getting drafted first by the Magic.


It’s flying by so fast that it’s actually kind of scary. Playing basketball and being as blessed as I am, I just want to hold onto these moments forever.


We’re starting a tough roadtrip tonight in Portland against the Blazers. The game is on TNT, so I’m hoping that all the little homies out there who are Magic fans check the game out. Portland always plays us tough and it’s a tough place to win, so we’ll have to really bring it tonight.


Then, we go to Utah for another back-to-back. (That’s another long flight too.) We owe Utah one from earlier in the season when we had a big lead against them and they came back and got us at home.


So hopefully we can get this Portland-Utah back-to-back and get the roadtrip started off on the right foot. That can be a birthday present to myself since I’m away from home and having to work on my birthday!!!


Well, I’m off to our morning shootaround. Wish us luck tonight against the Blazers!!!

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