I’m not taking games off!!!

Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy wwwwwwwoooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrlllllllldddddd!!!


Well, we grinded out an ugly win last night against the Bucks and now we´re headed to Charlotte for our next-to-last back-to-back of the season. I don´t think people realize how tough it is playing back-to-backs, especially late in the season when we´re tired and our bodies are pretty beat up.


But I´ll never complain because I´m out here doing something that I love. I know that the fans are looking for us to put on a show every night, so it is my responsibility to perform to the best of my ability. To prevent fatigue practices and shoot arounds has been cut down to make sure that we´re ready before the playoffs start next weekend.


Somebody asked me the other day if I would ask for a game off to avoid injuries down the stretch, but that´s just not something that I´m comfortable doing. Say some Magic fan is coming to their first game ever and their favorite all-time player is that No. 12 guy with the big shoulders and the killer smile. I´d feel terrible if I wasn´t out there playing and some fan had spent all their money to come to the game.


So I plan on playing. Even if my minutes are cut down from here on out, I´m going to get out there, break a sweat, block a few shots, drill a few hook shots and help my team get off to a good start. I owe that to my fans who come out to the games!!!


With our win and Atlanta´s loss, we locked up the No. 4 seed in the East. And we´re pretty certain that we´ll be playing the Hawks in the first-round series. Now, it´s just about getting ourselves right for that series because the Hawks who’ll be a tough team to beat in the playoffs.


We were all kind of upset with how we played Sunday in Toronto, letting the Raptors outrebound us and win in the fourth quarter. We had a talk before last night´s game – just the team and not the coaches. We talked about making sure we come out every night with a lot of energy.


We did that against the Bucks, jumping to a 14-0 start. I got a couple of goaltending calls, so they didn´t even really make their first shot until almost the end of the first quarter.


We kind of slacked off after that, turning the ball over and missing a bunch of shots. But we found a way to win it at the end when Jameer and Turk made big shots, Meer got a big steal and we got some stops defensively. We just have to sustain our energy in games for 48 minutes. Our energy and effort were great in the first quarter, but we need to do it for 48 minutes.


Four more games left before the big games start up. We still believe that the team we have has what it takes to win a championship, and we hope that the city of Orlando and all of the magic fans out there still believe in us too!!! I hope your beards are still coming in strong because I haven´t shaved mine in a couple of weeks.


Let´s make this final push together and get ourselves ready for the playoffs. It´s about to be on big time in the playoffs and I can´t wait for it to start!!!


Well, I´m outta here. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!


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