Keep sleeping on the Magic and we’ll get ya!!!

Heeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy woooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllldddddddd!!!


Well, we got us another very good win last night in New York by picking up our defense and pounding the ball inside. We made the Knicks play defense by getting the ball on the block and then we stepped up to the line and made our free throws. It was one of the best games of the season. We did what we talked about and played the game the right way!!!


I really feel like we´re about to get hot at the right time and make this strong push going into the playoffs. I think our chemistry is coming on strong right now and we have several dudes on our team playing well at the same time.


I know everybody out there looks at us as the forgotten team in the East because of what Chicago, Boston and Miami have done, but hopefully a game like this will show everybody that we can still dominate when we play the right way. As long as we keep the turnovers in check and play inside-out, I feel like we can beat any team in the league.


I mean, think about it – we´ve beaten the Lakers, Spurs, Thunder, Mavs, Celtics, Bulls, Heat and Knicks this season, so that should tell everybody out there how good we can be. But if people out there want to sleep on us and think of Disney World when Orlando is mentioned, that´s fine with us. We´ll do our thing and be the underdog in the playoffs. We know by now we´re not going to get much respect, but we´ll just go out and earn it on the court. Games are won on the court, not in the media.


The writers in New York asked me about the MVP race before the game and I told ’em, "Fast Don´t Lie" since almost everybody has Derrick Rose and me near the top of the MVP list. I guess our tight Adidas commercials helped us both have good seasons. I really don´t like talking about myself, but I do think I should have a pretty good case because I affect a lot of possessions offensively, defensively and with my rebounding.


Of course, I got hit with the questions about free agency again. When we practiced on Tuesday at this small college, some kids who were obviously Knicks fans gathered around the gym and chanted 20-12, 20-12. But I´ve said it a hundred times and I´ll say it a hundred more: My only thoughts are on trying to win that ‘ship for the Magic this season!!!


I´m not focused on that. I have another whole season left before I can decide what I want to do, so there´s no need for me to be talking about it right now. It has nothing to do with my team right now, and I think the more and more you talk about it, it´s not fun. It´s not fun for me and it´s not fun for my teammates. It´s not fun for our fans in Orlando who have to hear about what my decision´s going to be in two years. I think our focus should be on trying to win a championship instead of where I´m going to be.


Ya´ll aren´t going to believe this, but one guy even asked me if the cold and rainy weather up in New York would make me not consider the Knicks after next season. I just laughed, shook my head and told him that I´m not a free agent, I don´t know and I don´t care. I´ve got so much more to accomplish before 2012 gets here!!!


Well, I´m gonna get out of here for now. We´re back at home for one game against D-Will and the Nets on Friday night and then believe it or not, we´re back in New York again on Sunday and Monday. We have to make up that game from November when our game was canceled. Then, it´s back home to the A-T-L. So life is good for me right now, and we just need to keep playing well and make this push heading into the playoffs!!!


Peace out!!!!


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