Keeping my head, winning in Sacramento!!!

Heeeeeeeyyyyyyy Wooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllddddddd!!!


Greetings from Cali where we got a pretty decent win last night against a Kings team that is tougher than most people in the NBA give them credit for being.


Big props to my teammates Meer Meer, J-Rich and Turk who brought it home last night after I fouled out with a minute to play. Our defense wasn’t very good in the first half and our coach let us know about it. But I thought we really picked it up after the break and we held them to 30 percent shooting in the second half. If you can hold a  team to 30 percent shooting, you are going to win majority of the time.


The best news of all last night is that I didn’t get any Ts!!! There were a lot of them called on both teams, but they didn’t have to blow one on me and that’s a really good thing. I was even joking with a fan one time after they called a T on Sam Dalembert, laughing because it wasn’t on me.


I felt bad when I had to miss that Portland game on Monday. I watched the game from home and I thought our guys played really well and had a good chance to win the game. The guys played harder with me out but they’ve got to keep that up and not relax now that I’m back in the lineup.


I know that I have to stay focused and understand my team needs me to be on the floor. My teammates understand I’m not one of those guys that will allow a lot of things to frustrate me anymore. I just have to continue to do it.


The thing is I can’t change the way I play just because of a few whistles. I’m a physical guy and I’m going to keep playing the same way. The way I’ve been playing all season is cool with me. I just have to watch for the moments where teams will try to get me frustrated.


Everybody who knows me knows that off the court I’m the nicest guy in the world. But during games, I’m really emotional and sometimes I let my emotions get the best of me. But I’m working on keeping it in check. I just know for these last 17 games of the regular season and the playoffs that I have to keep my head.


This is a big trip for us to the West Coast. We play Golden State on Friday, Phoenix on Sunday, the Lakers on Monday and then end in Milwaukee on Wednesday. I’m not sure how we end up in Milwaukee after a West Coast trip, but that’s the case.


We’ll get to see Marcin “The Polish Hammer” Gortat, Vince Carter and MP out in Phoenix. Those guys helped us win a lot of games and it will be fun going against Marsh again. It will feel like all those days in practice when I used to destroy him (friendly competition, that’s all)!!!


Well, I’m outta here. Take care everybody!!! Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!


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