Looking forward to a fun All-Star weekend!!!

Heyyyyyyy wwooooorrrrrrrlllldddd!!!


Well, we closed things out the right way before the All-Star break, beating the Wizards last night at Amway. We started off really sluggish in the game like we had already checked out on break, but we woke up just in time and did what we were supposed to do.


Like I said after the Lakers game, it´s all about us being consistent and playing each game with intensity and effort from night to night. That´s how we´re going to win a championship around here – coming to play every night and putting forth that energy and effort whether we´re playing a great team or a bad team.


I actually have such a good rhythm going right now offensively that I almost wish we didn´t have this break. But it´s a good time for guys to heal up some bumps and bruises, spend time with their families and get their minds right for this push we´re going to have towards the  playoffs. Our record now isn´t much different than it was last season or in 2009 when we made it to the NBA Finals, so it´s not like we´re a bad team. We´re a really good team and it´s just about us being consistent so that we can make a great run at winning that championship.


As for me, I won´t be getting the weekend off because we´re leaving for LA on Thursday. I have all of the fans in Orlando and out there everywhere to thank for sending me to the All-Star Game and I couldn´t be happier about that. Every time I go to the All-Star Game it´s just like the first time and it´s something that I will never take for granted.


I got a look at my schedule for LA the other day and wow, it´s going to be a busy week. I might get 10 hours of sleep total the whole time that I´m out in LA because I´ll be running around doing stuff.


The one highlight that I can´t wait for is my appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday night. Everybody out there will have to check out your boy making his first appearance on that show. I actually saw Jay filming one of his episodes last year and I yelled at him; he really doesn´t know that much about basketball players. I think we´re going to talk a lot about cars because he has more than 200 cars and motorcycles!!! It should be a really fun episode, so I hope everybody gets to tune in to check me out.


We´re actually throwing a big All-Star bash out there in LA on Friday night. You can find out all of the details as far as tickets and guests at www.dwighthowardallstar.com. I´m going to go up in there and listen to a few good songs, get me a good meal and you know I´ll have to show off a few of my moves on the dance floor!!!


I´m going to be a judge for the Dunk Contest on Saturday night and I´m really looking forward to the event. I know everybody out there is talking about Blake Griffin to win it, but I´m telling ya´ll to keep an eye on DeMarr DeRozen. He´s been in a couple of these events now and I think he has the experience to win it. I´ve tried to give him a few tips and I´ve told him to just relax and have fun. I hope all of those guys just have fun because every dunk you can think of has been thought of and tried so far. So you just have to make it about having fun!!!


As for the All-Star Game, it´s going to be interesting because a lot of our rivals will be playing in the game. Boston has four guys on the team, Miami has their three dudes on the East and I think even Atlanta has two guys there. Me and Amare Stoudemire might have to play buddy ball to make sure that we get each other some shots in the game.


Anyway, I just want to say a big “THANK YOU” again to all of the fans who voted for me in the All-Star game. This weekend is for you, and I´ll be out there playing for all of my fans. I don´t know where I´d be without your support!!!


I´m outta here. Talk to you guys later in the week from LA!!! Yuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhh!!!


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