My take on all of the rumors floating around!!!

Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy wooooorrrrrrrrlllllldddddd!!!


We really had to show some fight and bounce back last night in our game against the Clippers. We started really slow early on and we weren´t making shots and we could have dropped our heads. We were coming off that tough loss in Boston, so the vibes around the team have been kind of down lately and we knew we had to pick it up.


I was just trying to be the guy to show everybody that the only way that we´re going to get out of this little funk we´re in now is to fight through everything. Nothing is ever going to go our way on the court, so we´re just going to have to fight through it. And for the most part, I think we did that.


I got to face my guy, DeAndre Jordan, in the game against the Clippers. I probably talk to him every other day and he´s one of my best friends in the league. We work out together in the summer and when he´s getting ready to face a really good big man on the other team he´ll call me and I´ll give him some tips. I really think that kid is going to be a good player someday real soon.


OK, I gotta address some things with you guys about my situation with my contract here in Orlando because people have been blowing me up on Twitter, thinking that I am going to pull a LeBron on the Magic or something.


I can´t sign a contract now and I can´t sign anywhere this summer, so why does everybody keep on bringing up the rumors about me leaving the Magic for another team? Why do people keep talking about me going any other place right now? Right now, it´s about this season and it´s not about L.A., New York or wherever. I´m really tired of it already.


I don´t want to be talking all this season and next about where I´m playing basketball next or have people in Orlando asking, `Are you going to leave us?´ I never said anything about me leaving and I never said anything about me not being happy here in O-town. I´m not pulling a LeBron as people say on Twitter all the time. I´m really tired of it, I want to play basketball and help the Magic win a championship.


Let me say this LOUD and CLEAR: Just because Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James have done something that has nothing at all to do with me!!! Just because those guys made decisions to leave their teams doesn´t mean that I´m going to do the same thing.


When we get down the road to 2012 and it´s time for me to sign a new contract then, we´ll talk about that free agency stuff. For now, I don´t want to be talking about it every day. There´s no need for us to bring up what´s going to happen in the future. We can´t go to the future right now anyway. I think about the next night´s game and what we have to do to win a championship this year and that´s the only thing on my mind.


Well, it feels better getting all of that off my chest. Hopefully it will stop some of the talk that´s out there about wether I’m staying or going. I haven´t given all of that stuff one second of thought.


Well, I´m outta here. We´re on the way to Philly for another game Wednesday night and hopefully we can gut out a second win on this back-to-back. Thank goodness it´s our last road game for the next couple of weeks. It seems like we´ve been on the road for all of January and February.


Peace out. Yuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!


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