Our best game yet in Chicago!!!

Heyyyyyyyy wooooorrrrrrrllllddddd!!!


We got us a really good win Tuesday night against Detroit and then an even better one last night in Chicago. We were facing a Bulls team that hadn´t played since Saturday while we were on a back-to-back. Chicago was getting Booze back and D-Rose is steady blowing up. We played defense like a championship team and we moved the ball on offense.


When we put it all together and ball like we did last night, I think we show people and even ourselves how good we can be as a team.


Our recent victories were by close margins. But against the Bulls, we knew we had to jump on them from the start, hit first and be aggressive. We knew their crowd would be hyped so we didn´t want to give them any life early in the game.


We had Vince Carter attacking the rim, and our point guard, Jameer Nelson, is playing as well as any PG in the league right now. When ‘Meer is getting into the lane and breaking down the defense our shooters get wide-open looks and he´s able to feed me for lobs.


We finally cranked our defense back up against the Bulls and started rebounding the ball. Somebody told me that Chicago´s 21 rebounds were a franchise record low for them, which is a great accomplishment on our part to hold them down like that. And Jo Noah, who is a really good rebounder, didn´t get one board against us.


Lots of people like to focus on offense, but we know that playing defense and rebounding is how we´re going to accomplish our goal of winning a championship this season. We´re a defensive team and we have to have that mindset first and foremost every night.


We had fun the other night in the locker room with the Derek Anderson thing. He is the Arizona Cardinals quarterback who lost his mind when the reporters asked him about laughing on the sidelines at the end of a blowout loss. Ya´ll know that I like to do impressions of people, so I was doing my Derek Anderson impression after the Detroit win and it was pretty funny. I think it´s even out on YouTube now by some folks, so check it out and get a laugh out of it.


Well, we still have two more tough games left on this cold roadtrip. We´re in Detroit on Friday night and those dudes always play us tough. We have to move the ball from side-to-side better against them and play more inside-out. We played an ugly game against them on Tuesday, and we are looking to a similar game on Friday.


Then, it´s onto Milwaukee on Saturday. The Bucks always play us tough, so we´ll have to be ready. I like their center, Andrew Bogut, a lot and I´m eager to see how much the kid point guard Brandon Jennings has developed.


Well, I´m outta here. Gotta go and check out LeBron as he takes his talents back to Cleveland tonight. That should be downright crazy, so I´ll be checking it out!!!


Peace out!!! Yuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!

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