Our Magic is looking good!!!

Heyyyy woooorrrrrrrlllldddd!!!


Well, we got us another really good win last night up in snowy New Jersey. It was snowing like crazy up there! One of our busses actually got stuck in the snow. They said that there was 2 feet of snow up there and if we didn´t move our flight up to Sunday we would have had to postpone the game.


As for our team, we are really playing well together after the trades. We beat San Antonio before Christmas, came from behind on Christmas Day to defeat the Boston Celtics and then played really well in the second half against New Jersey.


And to think that we have only had one real practice since Gil, Turk, J-Rich and Earl Clark joined us in the trades. We´ve got so much talent now and if we´ll just play with great energy and intensity we´ll be in good shape.


It´s been easy playing with Turk again because he´s such a great playmaker and we had such good chemistry together when he was here a couple of years ago. With Gil and J-Rich, I´m still learning to play with those guys, but they understand how we like to play inside-out and they are good at getting in the lane and creating on their own.


I did get another “T” last night in New Jersey and that was the only bad part of the night. Sometimes I don´t know what I can do out there I´m just an emotional guy out on the court and most of the time playing with that emotion helps me. I know that I have a quick trigger sometimes, but I´m trying to work on it. I´m like the nicest guy in the NBA, so I don´t really understand it. But I´m going to keep working on it and get better.


Well, we´re in Cleveland and play the Cavs tonight. It´s going to be weird playing this game in Cleveland without ‘Bron being there. That is in the past now. We need to just focus on ourselves, get another win and put together a nice little winning streak for the Magic.


Well, Superman is outta here. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!

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