Our winning streak is at nine games!!!

Heyyyyyyyy worrrrrrrllllddddd!!!


Hope you guys out there had a good weekend because we sure did here with the Magic. We beat Houston on Friday and then flew to Dallas and beat the Mavericks on Saturday with a big comeback. And we had Saturday off to rest up from those two games and get ready for this long roadtrip that we have coming up.


Our winning streak is all the way up to nine games now!!! That´s the most games that I´ve ever won consecutively in my seven years in the NBA. I think we won eight games last year, but I´ve never had a chance to get into double digits in the NBA.


We tied the Magic´s franchise record with nine wins in a row. We now have two days to practice before we go for No. 10 in New Orleans on Wednesday night. How cool would that be to win 10 in a row???


I´m really impressed with how our team has come together so quickly after the trades. Those first two games after we added Turk, Gil, J-Rich and Earl were kind of rough, but since then we kicked it into gear and really took our chemistry to the next level. It´s amazing the momentum that we have right now and it feels like this team has been together for years instead of just a couple of weeks.


Well, I have been together with Turk for years. Hedo was with me early in my career and I´m so glad now that he´s back again. Hedo is our Hero, especially in the fourth quarter when he takes over games. He was amazing in Dallas the other night, pushing the ball on the break and setting us up for easy baskets with his passing. He ended up with 17 assists, and a couple of them were to me on great lob passes.


Turk and I have that chemistry where we don´t even have to say a word to one another … it´s just a look and I know to spin for the lob. He´s always been great at putting that pass right on the money. I just tell him to get it close to the rim and I´ll do the rest. Turk was the one who threw the lob pass against San Antonio a few years ago for that game-winning lob that was one of my favorite memories ever in the NBA.


We have a tough roadtrip coming up, so that will test our chemistry. We play in New Orleans on Wednesday and Oklahoma City on Thursday on TNT. (Hope I get to actually stay out on the floor for a TV game). Then, we´re in Minnesota on Saturday to face the white Charles Barkley – Kevin Love – and the Wolves. I want you guys to check out how much Earl Clark and Corey Brewer look just alike. Those dudes look like twins!!!


Then, we play in Boston on Monday on Martin Luther King Day. It will be the first time that we´ve played the Celtics since Christmas Day when we came from behind to beat them. That should be a great game.


Well, I´m going to get out of here and head to practice. Let´s hope we can keep this winning streak alive and keep our momentum flowing.


I´m outta here!!! Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhh!!!

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