Playing like champions again!!!

Heyyyyyyy wooooorrrrrrrrrlllllldddddd!!!


Let me first say, Happy Valentine´s Day to all of the ladies out there!!! To the dudes, it´s just Monday; to the ladies, it´s Valentine´s Day. I hope ya´ll get all the chocolate and roses that your hearts desire.


Well, we finally looked like the Orlando Magic again on Sunday, beating the Los Angeles Lakers. They told me after the game that it was the largest crowd ever to see a basketball game in Orlando and it felt like it. The atmosphere was intense like a playoff game inside of the Amway Center. We defended, we shared the ball and we played with great intensity and energy all game long.


My thing is the way we played on Sunday is the way we have to play every night if we want to be considered a great team. If we continue to do that, there´s no doubt in my mind that we have what it takes to win a championship.


But we can´t just pick and choose when we play hard. We can´t come out there all fired up against the Lakers and then be flat on Wednesday against the Wizards. Championship teams don´t just flip the switch and turn it on and off every night. They play hard and focused in every game and we have to get into a mindset like that.


I´ve tried to tell the guys that even though we´ve had kind of a rocky season that we´re still very much in this thing. I know that we can still accomplish our goal of winning a championship if we just play like we´re capable of playing. I know when we play Magic basketball, we´re as good as any team in the NBA. But that means having guys dig down on the defense, everybody coming back to rebound and playing hard every night.


It was good for us to get a win like that against a good team. Now we see what´s possible and how good we can be when we have everybody firing on all cylinders. When we get back from the All-Star break, we´ll only have about 25 games left before the playoffs, so that will be a time for us to really crank it up and get right for the postseason. We just need to get really hot down the stretch and hit the playoffs on fire!!!!


For those of you who was not at the game yesterday, I got a nice little cut under my right eye at the end of the game. Lamar Odom came up with an elbow and drilled me right under the eye. There was no foul called on the play, but I´ll be all right. What´s up with my eyes these days? I get poked in the left one and then hit under the right one. Good thing I have Super powers and heal quickly so that I can keep my X-ray vision intact.


Well, we´re off today and I´m loving that. Back to practice on Tuesday, a game against the Wizards on Wednesday and then it´s off to La-La Land on Thursday for the All-Star Game. I´m going to be on with my guy, Jay Leno, Friday night, so you guys check out the Tonight Show to see your boy. I think we´re going to talk about cars because Jay has like 100 cars and I love them just as much.


Well, I´m outta here. Hope ya´ll enjoyed seeing us beat the Lakers. Now, let´s keep it up the rest of the season!!! Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!


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