Gotta have fun again!!!

Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyy wwwwwooooooooorrrrrrrrlllllllldddddd!!!   Well, as everybody out there knows, I had to miss yesterday´s game against the Bulls at the Amway Center. I´m so proud of how our guys played in that game, hanging in there and fighting all the … Continue reading

We’ll be better come playoff time against the Hawks!!!

Heeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy wooooooorrrrrrrrlllllllddddddd!!!   Well, we struggled last night in Atlanta against the Hawks and lost that game. But I look at it like this – it was a regular-season game that we got out of the way and we’ll be … Continue reading

We have what it takes to win a championship!!!

Heyyyyyyyyyyy woooooorrrrrrrrrlllllllddddddd!!!   Well, that was a great win last night against the Knicks!!! It wasn´t exactly like a playoff game, but it was really hyped in the Amway Center last night with a loud crowd and it was a … Continue reading