That win in Indy is more like it for us!!!

Heyyyyyyy woorrrrrrrrrrlllldddddd!!!


Well, that was more like it last night in Indy!!! We came back from that tough loss to Detroit and played a lot better from the jump. We defended and we attacked them inside and out and played really well from start to finish.


I tried to come out and send a statement right away by going right at Roy Hibbert. He´s had some good games against us in the past and I wanted to make sure that wasn´t the case last night. I had a couple of dunks early in the game and that made Indy have to double-team down low. And that just opened up our 3-point shooting and our guys were really hot out there.


I think we made like 16 threes in the game. That shows how good we can be when we keep playing inside out and making the defense decide if they are going to double team or not. We kind of got away from passing the ball inside against Detroit and that got us in trouble against them.


We´re on our way to Chicago now for a game there on Friday. The Bulls are playing really well, especially on defense so that will be a good test for us to move the ball and get good shots. Against the better defenses, the keys are running so that they can´t set up and moving the ball from side to side. You can´t be stagnant against the best defenses because that just makes it easier to stop you.


From what I hear, the NBA will be announcing the starters for the All-Star Game in LA on Thursday night. I took some pictures in my all-star jersey the other day and I gotta say that it´s really tight with the royal blue and silver colors. It´s a really clean look; it kind of looks like our Magic colors.


I want to say a big `thank you´ to all of the fans who voted for me again this year. It´s a blessing to have that kind of support from not only the fans in Orlando, but all throughout the USA.


My first year in the league I didn´t have a lot of votes, but every year since then it´s just kept on increasing more and more. I´m just so thankful for the fans because I wouldn´t be where I am today without their support.


I look at getting to go to the All-Star Game as an honor and it´s something that I will never take for granted. The all-star game is completely for the fans. It´s a way of giving back for me. It is a blessing and I´m honored that all of the fans out there picked me to play in the game.


Well, I´m gonna get out of here and get some rest for our practice tomorrow and the Bulls game on Friday. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!


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