Trying to get over this loss!!!

Heyyyyy worrrrllldd!!! O-M-G, I still can’t believe it’s all over for us after losing Game 6 in Boston. You’re never ready for a season to come to an end, especially one where you feel like you had the kind of team capable of winning it all. Our only goal this season was to win a championship. We got the silver ball last year in the playoffs and we really wanted that gold this time around. We had all of the right pieces and leadership to get back to the Finals and win it all.

Boston played better and they won. Those guys played like they were trying to win a championship from the very first game. They are a veteran team and they’ve won a championship before and they looked hungry to get another ring.Even falling behind 3-0 in the series, we felt like we could win and advance back to The Finals. We played really hard in Games 4 and 5 by hustling, running and moving the ball to get back in it. If we could have pulled out Game 6, we could have won Game 7 on our home court.

Boston hit big shots on Friday while we got away from our game. Hopefully we will learn our lessons from the way that the Celtics played. We had a really good season, winning 59 games in the regular season and sweeping Charlotte and Atlanta in the first two rounds of the playoffs. But we ran into a buzz saw vs. the Celtics.

I want to thank all of the Magic fans out there for the love that they showed us this season. It used to be that we’d go into arenas on the road and we’d never see Magic jerseys on the fans. Jameer and I vowed to one another a few years back that we were going to make Magic basketball more popular. I feel like we’ve done that, but we still need that championship! We’re not bringing that ‘chip home and I’m sure fans are as disappointed right now as I am. I like to think that things happen for a reason, and I think we’ll learn from this.

It will take me most of the summer to get over this loss. I know the sun will come up tomorrow and life will be just fine. After some time, hopefully I can get my mind off us not getting back to The Finals and not winning that title. I just need some time right now.

Again, thanks for your support this season. Sorry, we couldn’t pull it off, but maybe next year. I’ll update you guys on everything that I have going on this summer and hopefully this pain from losing will fade eventually!!!

Peace out Magic fans!!!

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