We gotta get Game 4 on Sunday!!!

Heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wwwwwwoooooorrrrrrrrlllllllddddddddd!!!


Well, we had a tough one last night in the A-T-L, losing when Jamal Crawford banked in that shot from almost 30 feet in the last few seconds. I think that dude had a little angel up there on the rim who pushed that ball off the glass and in to answer that prayer.


We didn´t play that well in the first half, but I thought we picked up the intensity on defense in the third and fourth quarters. We got some stops in the second half and that really helped us get back into the game. Even though we did not play that well in the first half we were right there at the end with a chance to win until Jamal banked in that crazy shot.


I still have confidence in myself and my teammates that we´re going to find a way to win this series. We have to get back to playing Magic basketball and getting stops on the defensive end first and foremost. I know everybody out there is focusing on the low scores and shooting percentages, but I have said from the jump that this was going to be a defensive series. When we do what we´re supposed to defensively, we win.


We just have to come back now on Sunday night and play with a great sense of urgency and come out fighting like our backs are to the wall. It´s still a seven-game series and it means nothing to me that they are up 2-1. It´s still the first team to get to four wins and until you´ve done that you really haven´t done anything. So it´s up to us right now to nip Atlanta´s momentum in the bud, get a win on Sunday and go back home feeling good about ourselves.


I´ve got to say that it was really hyped in Atlanta last night and that was kind of surprising to me because their fans haven´t really been that pumped up in a long time. Being that I´m from Atlanta, it´s nice to see the city caring about basketball again and supporting their team. To tell you the truth, the noise in there last night reminded me of the Omni back in the day when I´d go to games in the playoffs and the atmosphere was electric. So it was good to see Hawks fans back at the games again.


But it´s my job to take that juice out of the building on Sunday night. I got a little rest in the second quarter last night, but I´m ready to play all 48 minutes on Sunday if that´s what it´s going to take. It´s win or go home right now, so I´m ready to do what it takes to pull this series out. If that means me getting 30 points, 20 rebounds and 10 blocks on Sunday, then I´ll be ready to do it.


So stick with us Magic fans because there´s no quit in this team at all. You can know that as long as I´m the captain of this team, there will be no backing down or quitting. There´s still a long way to go in this series and we knew all along that nothing would come easy against the Hawks. So let´s get this win on Sunday, get it evened up at 2-all and then make some noise back in Orlando on Tuesday!!!


I´m outta here. Peace out!!! Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!



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