We gotta learn to win like the Celtics!!!

Heyyyyyyyyyy worrrrrlllllllddddddd!!!


Well, that was both a great game and a really frustrating one against the Celtics last night!!! On the one hand, we played great, kept fighting and hung in there on the road against a very good team and were right there at the end of the game. But on the negative tip, we didn’t execute in the last minute like we needed to to win games like that.


Executing down the stretch is what separates good teams and great teams and it was the difference in this game. We had 21 seconds to go and we don’t get a shot off. In the fourth quarter we’ve got to be able to get good shots and not turn the ball over. We can’t win that way.


I guess we can look at it this way: The Celtics had to shoot 60 percent and make some really tough, contested shots by Ray Allen and Paul Pierce to beat us. One or two of those go the other way and we win the game. At the same time, we can’t continue to think like that. Boston is a team that knows how to win and they are going to make the plays down the stretch. We’re trying to get to their level and execute at the end of games the way that they do. We have a team that’s only been together a month, so hopefully we can be there by playoff time.


People were asking me after the game about that little incident when I was sticking my tongue out at KG after that foul. That was just me having fun out there. They can’t get in my head no matter how hard they try. I was smiling out there because I was having fun. There’s no need for me to act like I’m all upset out there.


Well, we’ve played 41 games (even though it feels like 141 games) and we’ve got 41 games to go, so it’s time for us to shift into playoff mode now. We’re playing for something bigger than just these games and that’s to be right come May and June for the playoffs. We want to get our chemistry tighter along the way without taking Ls. And we want to be firing on all cylinders come late April when the real season comes along.


We know that we’re going to have to get through Boston to get back to the NBA Finals, and we have to get to the point where we are executing as well as these dudes. I think we have shown people that we’ve got a really good team, but we have to do the things that will make us a great team. There is still plenty of time between now and the playoffs, but getting ready begins now with these last 41 games.


I’m outta here. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!


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