We have to play much harder!!!

Heyyyyyyyy wooooorrrrrrrllllddddd!!!


I haven´t been as mad as I was last night in a long time. We played poorly and lost to the Sacramento Kings. I can’t believe that happened. 


We´ve talked a lot in practice about having a sense of urgency, playing tougher on defense and taking care of the ball. And then we went out last night and didn´t do any of those things. To tell you the truth, we´ve been talking for a long time. That´s all we seem to do around here right now is talk.


I´m not singling or calling anybody out, but as a team if we don´t play hard then we are going to lose every night. If guys don´t want to play then they need to sit down. We just can´t have guys out there not playing hard. We´re professional athletes and this is what we do for a living. If we can´t get out there and go hard for two hours, then we shouldn´t be playing.


Last night against Sac, we just didn´t play hard and it´s as simple as that. Even if you miss a million shots, if you are playing hard, all of that stuff will level out. But if you are just screwing around, then you´re not going to get it done. We can´t play like that if we want to be a championship team.


And here´s the frustrating part: we have so much talent on our team, but talent alone won´t get you a championship. Hard work and commitment every night is what gets you a championship. We´re one of the most talented teams in the NBA and we´re a deep team with guys who can do a lot of different things. But if we don´t bring it every night, it´s just a big waste of talent.


I know teams are out there making trades like crazy with ‘Melo in NYC and Deron Williams in NJ, but I still believe in the guys that we have on our team. Nothing else really matters now except getting the guys on our team right and playing hard again.


I´ve said everything there is to say. I´ve talked every timeout in the huddle and in the locker room. Maybe I should tweet about it? Everybody on the team has to step up and play hard.


There´s still time to get right before the playoffs start, but it´s time to stop talking and start playing. We just need to get hot going into the playoffs, but it´s got to come on a consistent effort with guys playing hard every night.


Well, I´m outta here. Yuuuuuuuaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!


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