We have what it takes to win a championship!!!

Heyyyyyyyyyyy woooooorrrrrrrrrlllllllddddddd!!!


Well, that was a great win last night against the Knicks!!! It wasn´t exactly like a playoff game, but it was really hyped in the Amway Center last night with a loud crowd and it was a pretty physical and intense game on the court.


I´ve said it a hundred times and I´ll keep saying it – we have what it takes to win a championship on this Magic team. I know a lot of teams out there have made trades, especially the Knicks getting ‘Melo, but I like our team just the way that it is. We have all the pieces needed to win a championship this year and I feel like we´re just now hitting our peak at the right time. Maybe we´ll be like the Packers and get hot at the right time and roll through the playoffs the way that they did.


We just have to bring this same kind of focus and intensity every game. New York tried to get all physical with us, but we didn´t back down an inch and I really liked that about us. When we play tough and physical like that and keep our heads in the game, we´re a really tough team to beat.


It was cool hearing the crowd chant M-V-P! for me last night during the game. It´s come and gone a few times during the year, but it was really strong last night. Feeling that love from the crowd is special to me and it never gets old. Although my teammates mess with me and say that I miss my free throws every time the crowd does the M-V-P chants.


It was so good to see little Mighty Mouse, aka Jameer Nelson, get hot and carry us down the stretch last night. It makes all the difference in the world when he´s coming off screens and attacking and being aggressive. When he´s doing that, they can´t load up on me inside and it leaves our shooters at the 3-point line wide open for shots.


I was also happy to see a couple of our bench guys come in and do well. My boy, Q-Rich, came in and played great defense on ‘Melo and hit some big shots down the stretch. He had to play after Turk got thrown out from the bench!!! I was standing right next to the ref and I have no clue of what Turk was saying. We need to teach him some better English so he can trash talk to the officials better (Joking).


Chris Duhon came in and played well at point guard too when Gilbert Arenas couldn´t go because of a sore knee. That´s being a true professional when you stay ready even though you haven´t played much lately. We´ve talked a lot lately about sacrificing for the good of the team, and Chris and Q have done a lot of sacrificing for us.


Up next is probably our toughest back to back of the season. We play in Miami on Thursday and at home against the Chicago Bulls on Friday. An old coach told me one time, “Don´t get seduced by Miami,´´ so trust me, I will be staying in my room and resting up for the Heat game. I´m taking my X-box with me and playing Medal of Honor and staying off my feet. I will need all of my strength for these two big games.


The way I see it, we owe Miami and Chicago because they both beat us the last time that we played them. We´ve proven that we can beat any team in the league, beating the Lakers, Thunder and Knicks of late. Now, we need to do the same thing against the Heat and Bulls because those are two of the teams that we could see in the playoffs!!! So we have to bring all of our toughness, focus and energy to these games.


Well, I´m outta here!!! Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!


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