We’re hanging tough & will be ready for Game 3!!!

Heyyyyyyy woorrrrrrrrllldddd!!!

Well, the sun came up today and life went on like normal. I know we’re in a really tough spot right now going down 0-2 to the Celtics, but I’m not about doom and gloom at all here. Repeat after me: We can still do this!!! We need to get over the hump. All that matters now is getting our minds and our games right for Game 3 and not worrying about what has happened in the first two games.

Of course, we’re upset about losing a tough game like we did Tuesday. We poured everything we had into that game. We looked at the film today and saw that the game came down to doing all of the little things. In games like this it’s more about having energy, running back on defense, rebounding and scrapping for loose balls. Those are the things that win big games in the Eastern Conference Finals. Right now, Boston is making those plays, but we know we can turn it around and swing things in our favor.

We know those were two winnable games. From here on out, it’s about winning one game. You have to win a game, then you win another and you keep on winning. We’ve been in this situation before and it’s time for us to respond. There’s no need to say that we’re going down fighting because we’re not going down!!! We have to think positive because if we think negative, we are going to lose. Like I told the guys in the locker room, if anybody has doubt, we’re not going to win. But if everybody’s on the same page and believes we’re going to win, then we’re going to win it.

Really, there’s no pressure and we know what we have to do. We’re still the same team that we’ve been all season. Nobody has their head down or is complaining about Tuesday night. We’ve moved on. Why sit and worry about it and stress about what we did to lose the game??? It’s over. We have to go into Game 3 as if the series is 0-0. That’s what we did in the last series going back to Atlanta and we were able to succeed; we have to do that again.

Stick with us Magic fans. We’re going to need you guys when we bring this series back to O-town in a few days. This team has plenty of fight left and we’re not going to quit for one second! Believe me when I tell you this: We can still do this and we will!!!


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