We’re meshing well and learning sign language!!!

Heyyyyyyy woooorrrrrrrrllllldddd!!!


What up, everybody??? We´ve got a nice little roll going now with the Magic, so it´s all good here. We´ve won six games in a row and all of our new guys are meshing together really well. Gilbert Arenas is solid as one of our point guards, J-Rich is a legit scorer off the wing, Turk is back to being Turk again and I really like Earl Clark and hope to see him play more. I kid with Earl Clark all the time and call him Corey Brewer because those two dudes are like twins with their looks.


I hated seeing the guys go in the trades a couple of weeks ago, but I feel like we´ve really helped our team out and we have more firepower now.


Somebody asked me the other day if I had a New Year´s resolution and I do, but I´m not telling anybody this year. Maybe if I keep it a secret, then it will finally come true this season. Everybody keeps saying that my resolution should be to not get any techs, but hey we all make mistakes and we just have to live with them. If I get another tech, I´ll just have to live with it.


I´ve been going online working on sign language so that I don´t have to say anything bad to the refs anymore. I´ve got a couple of things down that should be pretty cool. If I use sign language like, `I love you,´ they might not get upset with that. My teammates and I are coming up with different sayings to keep me from doing anything that might get me a technical foul. I´ve learned, `I love you,´ `Jesus loves you, I know this for the Bible tells me so.´


Maybe that will make me more peaceful and happy out on the court. Really, I´m a happy nice person, but sometimes the emotion of the game just gets the best of me. But I´m going to try to do much better now. All that stuff that happened was last year in 2010, and it´s onto 2011. It´s the same Dwight out there, but no more techs hopefully.


We had a crazy game last night against Golden State. We played pretty bad in the first half and then really well in the second half to get the win. Turk was really good and got a triple-double. There must be something about him playing in a Magic uniform because all three of his triple-doubles have come in a Magic uniform. Somebody told me that Turk´s triple-double was the first one since I got one two years ago in Oklahoma City against the Thunder. It was the only one of my career, so I know how hard they are to get.


Turk was hilarious out there on the court because he was yelling at everybody to shoot as soon as he passed them the ball. And he was throwing all of these crazy lob passes to me because he was just trying to get his 10th assist. I finally just had to tell him to relax and play and if it was meant to happen then it would. Sure enough, it did and he got his triple-double.


Up next we have Milwaukee. They beat us pretty good last month while I was out with that stomach flu that had me in the hospital getting IVs. They had to put two of those gowns around me because they didn´t have one big enough for my shoulders!!!


Andrew Bogut killed us last game when I was out, but hopefully I can make things tough for him on Wednesday night. He´s a really good player and I´ve faced him a lot through the years in the NBA and International competition, so I´ll have to bring my A-game.


We really want to try and get a roll going with these next few games that we have coming up. We have a tough road trip all of next week, so it would be good to head out on the road with a nice winning streak in hand!!!


Well, I´m going to get out of here. Ya´ll be good!!!! Yuuuuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhh!!!


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