We’ve got to learn from Monday’s loss!!!

Heyyyyyyyy woooorrrrrrrrllllldddddd!!!


We were playing so well before last night, winning our last three games in a row. But our game against Detroit last night at home was a really bad one. I mean really bad!!!


We had too many turnovers, we stopped playing inside-out and we didn´t defend too well either. It was just one of those really rough nights when we didn´t play with enough intensity or effort.


We had way too many of those one-dribble plays where Detroit´s players were getting to the rim. We can´t have that and be a good defensive team.


And offensively we stopped playing inside-out. That´s been working so good for us lately, but we kind of went away from it because we were playing from behind most of the game. We have to stick with what´s been working for us and take advantage of our mismatches.


We just can´t have nights like that if we´re going to reach our goal this season of winning a championship. Right now, some of our guys have to look themselves in the mirror. Everybody knows what to do on this team. We´re professional athletes and it´s just about going out and playing with great energy every night. We know what to do, so it´s on us.


Either we get it together and learn from games like this or we´re just going to be a playoff team that doesn´t win a championship. I have faith in this team and know what we can do when we are locked in and focused, but we can´t be flipping the switch on and off from game to game. Championship teams bring it every night and we have to get to that point where we play hard no matter the score or the opponent.


We´re off for a roadtrip to Indianapolis and Chicago, so our mental toughness will get tested in those games. I expect us to learn from Monday´s loss and bounce back in a big way on this roadtrip.


Well, I´m outta here. Yuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!


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